Night of the British Dead


(in order of appearance)

Barbra (voice)

Ruth Urquhart

Barbra (voice)

Ruth Urquhart is an actress and producer, known for RWBY (2012), Night of the British Dead (2021) and Puckoon (2002).







Anthony Rudd

Johnny / Tom / Various others (voice)

Anthony is a film maker and voice actor. At 16 he was a tape operator on an Elton John album and later a broadcaster on local, regional and national radio. He recorded his first professional voice over in 1997.

His voice has featured in various video games, animations, radio and TV. He also narrated a feature-length NBC Universal Network documentary which aired across the USA and beyond.

Over 2020-21 he created two new movies, Monster from Green Hell – Recycled Version (now on Amazon Prime) and Night of the British Dead (coming soon).

Isi 'The Scribe' Adeola

Ben (voice)

Isi ‘the Scribe’ Adeola is a voiceover artist, spoken word poet and zoologist. Isi has been writing poetry for over a decade and performing since 2013. He has performed at Rich Mix, the Science Museum, the Dominion Theatre, the Allphones Arena in Sydney, the O2 Arena, London and the Theatre in Madison Square Garden, NYC. He also appeared on ‘Saturday Live’ on BBC Radio 4 participating in a 24-hour poetry challenge.


He recently debuted as a TV wildlife presenter on nature program BBC Autumnwatch and was the first to perform poetry on the show! He has voiced for the BBC, the RNIB, Bulldog Skincare, MoneyGram and ZSL London Zoo.

Katie Flamman

Radio Host (voice)

Katie Flamman (she/her) is a British actress and voice actor based in the UK.
Known for Night of the British Dead (2021), Monster from Green Hell: Recycled Version (2021) and interactive performances including The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout (2018), Bard’s Tale IV (2018), The Mage’s Tale (2017) and Ocean Rift Education Update (2017).


She is a multi award-winning Event Announcer and the One Voice 2021 UK Female Voiceover Artist of the Year.


Aileen Downey

Sally Openshaw / Crompton's Ad (voice)

Aileen is a voice actor, narrator and a scripter/announcer for TV and Radio. She graduated from Rose Bruford and joined the Company of Actors at MOMI (the Museum of Moving Image) on London’s South Bank.


A chance meeting with an Advertising exec one day paved the way to a long career as a voice over for major commercial brands like Guinness, Gillette, Avon, Kia Motors etc. She’s been a promo voice for Sky Arts, the Drama Channel, Discovery, PBS and the BBC, a continuity voice for the Eden Channel, AMC UK and History and an audio describer for TV and Cinema. She’s also currently recording two kids animation series.

Katy Maw

Judy / Mrs Biggott (voice)

Katy Maw is known for her work on Sherlock (2010), The Heart of Me (2002) and The Effect (2021).








Jeanna Criscitiello

Torquay Ad (voice)

Jeanna Criscitiello is known for her work on Night of the British Dead (2021), Monster from Green Hell: Recycled Version (2021) and Gloria Jesus (2014).







Stephane Cornicard

Harry Cooper (voice)

Stephane Cornicard, born in France in 1964, is a multilingual actor, who trained in France, at Colby College, USA and at Goldsmith College, England. He trained with Francois David, French director and writer. 


Cornicard’s many credits include Jean in Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg, Liquid Snake in Metal Gear, Gabe Logan in the Syphon Filter games and the evil Count Raum in Primal. He gave his voice to the French Red Cross for their anti-personal landmines campaign.

Margaret Ashley

Helen Cooper (voice)

Margaret Ashley is an actress and award winning Voice Actor. Known for TV appearancs in series such as Coronation Street, The Bill, London’s Burning, The Ward and more.


As a voice actor she has voiced charcaters in video games such as Disco Elysium -the Final Cut, Neuronet:Mendax Proxy, FrostHaven. Recorded audio dramas including Doctor Who and numerous radio and TV ads, corporate and explainer videos and helped develop new writing works.

Rory Barnett

TV Newsman (voice)

Rory Barnett is an actor, known for Night of the British Dead (2021), Monster from Green Hell: Recycled Version (2021) and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (2009).







Will Harrison-Wallace

Dr. Grimes / Chief McClennan (voice)

Will Harrison-Wallace is an actor, known for The Death of Jack Hamilton (2012), Spin State and The Holly Kane Experiment (2017).